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Tips to Maximize Garage Door Security

Tips to Maximize Garage Door Security In the fall of 2009 a series of break ins in Rye, New York had residents in this sleepy little town in Westchester NY living in fear. Thieves were breaking into cars, stealing the garage door remotes, and gaining access to homes while residents were away at work. Car doors were left unlocked, so thieves just simply opened them up, stole the clicker, and waited patiently for the homeowners to leave the following morning; unaware that they were about to be robbed. One of the robberies in particular was frightful as the one homeowner, a woman, was in the shower and unaware a thief was in her house. As she walked out of her bathroom, in nothing but her towel, she saw out of the corner of her eye the thief calmly walking down the stairs and out of the house with some of her possessions. The woman was OK, but the story could have ended much more tragically. We lock our doors but often fail to think about our garage door as a security vulnerability. With a few simple tips you can protect yourself and secure your garage door. Here is how: 1. Close your garage door. It may seem obvious, but many times homeowners simply forget to close their doors or don’t think it is a big deal; it’s just a quick trip to the store after all. But it only takes a few minutes to be robbed. Make sure your door is closed at all times except for when in use. And be sure to teach this to others in your household. 2. Don’t leave your door remote out in the open. As illustrated in the true story above, a thief can break into your car and steal your remote control. Now they have access to your home. When you get out of your garage take the remote control with you. At the very least, hide it in a more conspicuous place than the visor. This is especially important in big suburbs or cities, Boston or Las Vegas garage doors are particularly vulnerable as crime is typically higher. Though, as in the story illustrated above, even sleepy little towns are not immune. 3. Get a keychain remote. Better than hiding your remote control, get one that is always with you. Most opener manufacturers sell keychain remotes that you can always take with you. For a less then $20 you can be sure you are not leaving yourself open and vulnerable to theft. 4. Use rolling code technology. Most older openers have security flaws in that anyone with a transceiver and some know how can park near your home and wait for you to use your remote control. When you do, they pick up the transmission and copy your code. Now they don’t need to steal your remote, they just made one of their own. Rolling code technology randomly selects a new code for your opener, that only it and the remote have. It is impossible for a thief to copy it. 5. Lock the door. The door leading into your house from the garage should be automatically lock whenever closed. If for some reason a thief does get into your garage, this should be the next line of defense. You would not leave your front door open and unlocked for thieves, so why leave the door leading in from the garage? With just a little extra precaution you can protect yourself and your family. The minimal time and expense is worth it for the security.