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Tips on Picking the Right Storage Facility

When you have a lot of stuff sometimes you need extra space to put your items. This is where a storage unit comes in handy. It can be a great place to store your items until you need them. Here are some ways to pick the right unit for your stuff.

What Size Storage Unit Do You Need

One tip on picking the right storage space for your stuff is to figure out what size you need. There are many different sizes including five by five, five by ten, ten by ten, ten by fifteen, ten by twenty, and ten by thirty. The last one is enough to fit all of the furnishings of a seven bedroom home. The five by five is big enough to hold seasonal items such as Christmas decorations.

What Type of Storage Unit Do You Need

You also want to figure out what type of storage space you want. There are ones that are outdoors. These are good for less valuable items such as lawn equipment. However, if you want to store pictures or electronics you may not want to pick this option. Another option is an indoor unit. This is great for those pictures and electronics because it is temperature controlled. What is great about this type of unit is you get added security since it’s not just outside.

Find a Storage Unit in Your Area

There are many ways to find storage space in your area. One way is to google the ones in your area. For example, if you lived in Westminster, Co you could Google “self storage units Westminster CO” to find units in your area. You can also look in the phone book for companies. Then you can call the different ones and find out which ones have the best prices.

How Close is it To Your Home

Another thing you should consider when choosing a storage space for your items is how close it is to your home. You need to figure out if you are going to visit the unit a lot. If you are going to visit the space a lot, then it’s best to get a unit that is closer to your home. However, if you are only going to visit it once or twice a year then you could have a space that is farther away.

Find a Storage Facility With Security

If you have valuable items that you are storing in your unit then you should find a storage facility that has strong security. Ask the storage place what type of security they use for their units. You can also call your insurance company and see if you can get coverage for your storage space.

Choosing a storage space doesn’t have to be really difficult. By following these tips you will find the perfect spot for your things. For more tips on finding the best storage space for your items check out these articles by Unpakt and The Dolly Blog found here and here.