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The Wide World of Garage Door Openers

The Wide World of Garage Door Openers Changing your garage door and opener requires some work. Depending on your personal preferences, price range, and initial setup for your house, knowing what opener is best for you can help point you in the right direction to get your project done quick and efficiently. When it comes to garage door openers the most common and cost efficient, is the chain drive model. Although the chain model is the loudest of all models and isn’t always recommended if your room is right over the garage, it provides excellent reliability for the most notable opener. Chain openers still pack a punch and are usually standard with A� horsepower or A� horsepower. Similar to the chain drive opener is belt drive. Belt drives are a more advanced model which uses a metal reinforced, rubber belt instead of a metal chain. The choice between belt and chain drive openers completely depends on personal preference as well as your homes layout. The added benefit to the rubber belt allows for the quietest openers on the market. The belt drive is also considered one of the easiest models to install. This makes it great for at home projects which can allow you to repair or replace it yourself without having to pay for a repairman. Although belt drives are normally the most expensive openers, the belt drives also come motor powered. Powered belt openers are great as they hold up in the worst weather conditions, and for some models you can still open them during power outages. Another opener model that finds itself in the middle of the pack is the screw drive openers. Screw drive combines quietness with affordability, making it some of the best performance openers out there. Known for its reliable performance, screw drive openers use less moving parts with a tread steel rod that requires less maintenance over time. Screw drive openers are great not only because of its low maintenance, but also the smoothness of its track due to its design provides for a quality opener. Last but not least are the jackshaft openers. The jackshaft design and set up is much different than traditional openers but still produce optimal performance. Instead of being mounted on the ceiling, jack shaft openers are instead installed against the wall beside the door. The motor powered gear and chain allows no overhanging from the ceiling. In addition to the freed up space, jack shaft openers are never slowed down even during storms and power outages. Safety and security are always focal features when it comes to garage door and garage openers. Try and find the best company or service team to provide all your opener needs. The reliability of your open in your garage along with your personal preference can go a long way with helping you save money and in the future.