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The Many Faces of Garage Doors

The Many Faces of Garage Doors Garage doors have continued to evolve over the last century, and now they are available in many different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. As a homeowner, you will have to replace your own door or doors sometime during the years, and shopping for a replacement is going to be an entirely new experience as you face the many decisions that this once-simple job now entails. What it all actually boils down to, however, is a few basic styles of doors decorated in different ways. Probably the most common type of garage door is the overhead pull-down type. This style has been used since the 1920s because of its basic simplicity. It was originally engineered by C.G. Johnson, and the style is essentially unchanged from the hinged panels mounted on a track and rollers which are then lifted by a spring mechanism. This is the style of door that is more popularly known as a roll-up door. Something you might not know is that this man Johnson went on to invent the first electric garage door opener in 1926. Although we consider these openers to be a product of modern technology, they have actually been around for almost a century. A door that similarly operates by running up onto the ceiling on tracks and rollers is a single panel door. Instead of being made up of hinged panels, the entire door consists of only one large panel. The door still slides up and over the doorway allowing vehicles free clearance, but it does require some external room in which to operate. You may have heard these doors referred to as monolithic. A third similar type of door is a sectional garage door. This style utilizes 6-8 panels which also roll up into the garage’s overhead space. Benefits to having a door like this include the fact that all of the panels connect individually to the track making the door a much more reliable entry plus, a car can be parked right up to the door, and the door can still be raised without having to move the car. Swing hung garage doors are hinged directly to the door frame and require a great deal of space in order to open. These doors often have beautiful styling and can add to the curb appeal of your home. However, do to the space requirements, they aren’t recommended for those who have short or narrow driveways. Swing hung portals are often made of wood. A door that is most often used commercially and is made of steel or fiberglass is the roller door. It can operate on a rolling, spring-loaded mechanism, a motor, or a manual pulley. It opens without needing any exterior space, but it isn’t the type of door you’re going to want to use to make your home look more attractive. They can also be problematic when the time comes that they need repair. Doors come in steel, wood, aluminum, and polyethylene, both new and recycled, and most of them contain insulation to block air leaks leading to improved energy efficiency and usability.