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The Importance of an Elevation Survey – What You Need to Know

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Licensed surveyors offer different land survey types used for varying purposes. One of those land surveys is the FEMA Elevation Certificate (EC). This report is a requirement for homeowners who live in flood zones and want to obtain insurance.

Preparation for Construction

An elevation survey Austin TX, will be necessary when you’re looking to start building a new home or commercial structure. Topographic surveys can also be used to record natural and manufactured features at a construction site, such as utilities, sewer pipes, and streams, giving architects and designers a complete understanding of the land they’re working with.

Your loan application may require an elevation certificate if your community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It will also provide vital information to help reduce your flood insurance premium rate. For more information on this, contact your local floodplain manager, who handles elevation certificates for your community. It will allow you to determine if your property is eligible for the discounted rate or even a waiver of the requirement to buy flood insurance. You can then work with a licensed surveyor to obtain your certificate. A professional will evaluate your property to determine the lowest point of your house, including any structures that attach to it, and then compile this information into an official elevation certificate.

Preparation for Subdivision

If you own a piece of land, you want to subdivide, an elevation survey will provide important information about the base flood level. It will help you determine whether the subdivision is feasible and give you a leg up when applying for council approval.

The cost of an elevation survey will vary depending on many factors. For example, the survey will be more complicated and costly if the property has mechanical structures like elevators or a basement. Also, the survey may need to be completed quickly, which can push up the price.

Getting an elevation survey done whenever you refurbish your building. It can be an easy way to future-proof the structure, saving you thousands of dollars in construction costs later. It is significant for properties in flood zones to have an accurate elevation survey to ensure they can obtain the correct insurance coverage.

Preparation for Planning

Suppose you are planning on buying a property in a high-risk flood zone. In that case, your mortgage broker or insurance agent may recommend that you obtain an elevation certificate (EC) before purchasing the building. The EC will include information from the National Flood Insurance Program regarding the location of the building, the flood zone it is in, and the lowest floor elevation of the structure.

The EC will also indicate whether the structure’s lowest floor is above or below the base flood elevation. It is essential information for an insurance agent when determining the appropriate premium rate.

When selecting a surveying company to perform your EC, look for an experienced team that specializes in these types of surveys and can provide you with a free consultation, quotes, and a portfolio of past work. Also, ensure the company is certified and licensed to perform ECs. Otherwise, you could pay for an EC that has no bearing on your insurance rates or needs updating.

Preparation for Building

Performing an elevation survey for your clients when the building structure is on site is vital as a construction contractor. It will establish a benchmark that can be used to monitor the movement of the foundation in the future, avoiding costly repairs down the road.

As you may know, elevation surveys are vital to obtaining flood insurance. Clients who live in FEMA-designated flood zones will need an elevation report to obtain their homeowners’ or business owners’ insurance.

When deciding which company to use for your elevation surveys, it is best to choose a certified land surveyor familiar with the latest map updates and regulations. An experienced team will have a portfolio of completed projects that you can review. Additionally, the company should be willing to provide a free consultation and quote and be capable of providing a quick turnaround time.