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The Benefits to Bespoke, Fitted Furniture

The Benefits to Bespoke, Fitted Furniture How you decorate your house is a reflection of your personal taste and says a lot about your style, so it’s important to get it right. People spend weeks deciding how to decorate their house. Whilst mass produced furniture is often cheaper to buy, there is a lot to be said for stunning bespoke, fitted furniture, which you know is one of a kind. Owning a one off is the ultimate luxury – a piece of furniture that truly symbolises your taste and is personal to you. There’s nothing worse than saving up for a stunning sofa, and learning that a friend of a friend has the same. It’s hard to put your own stamp on a property when other people scattered across the country are using the same chair. Not every house is the same, so why fit it out like it is? People have very unique tastes so embrace your individuality, don’t limit it. You could even design your own furniture. With the input of an expert, you can call the shots about everything from the shape of the furniture, the size, the colour, the fabric, the finish or any other specification you require. There are disadvantages to bespoke fitted furniture, but that is mainly that it is expensive. The reason behind the higher price is that the furniture is of a much higher quality, more labour intensive, and has a greater emphasis on the design process. However, many people choose bespoke furniture because it’s an investment which, if you look after it properly, will last indefinitely. It can fit in a strange space and blend in with the house much better than a standardised, mass produced piece of furniture.