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The Benefits of Natural Tick Repellent

More and more consumers are becoming conscientious about the ingredients used in food, cleaning supplies and hygiene items such as soap. Using products with recognizable ingredients allows many consumers to feel more educated and in control. For those desiring to control ticks safely, why not consider using a natural insect repellent?

Pleasant Smell

There’s nothing worse than spraying your yard full of chemicals and having to run inside to avoid the awful smell that can linger for days. By using a natural tick repellent, you can avoid that strong chemical odor. Instead, your yard will only smell like the fresh cedar or citrus oils that are used in natural insect repellent.

Low Health Risks

Natural insect repellents typically take advantage of the oils found in plants, such as peppermint oil. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is a low risk of these oils causing harm to humans. It is important to always follow the instructions and use any repellent responsibly, but there is far less danger to human health when using a natural form of insect control.

Protection for Pets

Ticks can be harmful to dogs as well as humans, so it is vital to take steps to keep your yard tick-free.  Although you should always wait before letting your dogs outside no matter what yard treatment you’re using, a natural repellent removes the worry of your pets stepping in chemical pesticides and tracking the residue into your home.

With warmer weather comes the desire to spend more time outside with family and friends, but it also comes with ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. By taking steps to safely control these pests, you can protect your yard and your family from the diseases they carry. Using a natural, organic insect repellent has many benefits and will contribute to setting your mind at ease while outside.