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Steps To Determine The Real Problem With Your Garage Door

It may seem to be quite frustrating to find 0ut that your garage door is being stuck while you were parking your car, or you are about to go out somewhere in your vehicle. Also, you must call up the professionals ASAP to get the door fixed, and that is going to cost you quite a lot of money too. Well, not all type of repairing or garage door fix up will cost you the same amount of money if you know the problem beforehand.

It has been seen time and again that the prime problem with the garage doors lies in the panel lift door motor. It’s not that difficult to find out what the problem with the garage door is. All you need to do is to follow the right steps of fact-finding before you readily call up the professionals. Here is the guideline you must follow.

Unplug the Door Opener :

Your first step should be to stay safe. You can easily imagine the things that can happen if the garage door crashes down on the person who is resolving the issue. Such a crash down can injure a person severely and even lead to electrocution. So, you can easily keep the door opener out of use and make the entire process safe for the professionals, even for yourself.

Is Remote Working?

The next thing you will need to check is the remote used for operating the panel lift door motor. If the remote is not working because of the worn-out batteries or the remote is not in the working condition anymore, there is nothing to do with the garage door. Instead, you can change the remote batteries with a new pair and try it again. If not resolved then, you should take a step ahead and check for other faults in the remote.

The Motor is Dead :

That’s the problem occurs because of less maintenance and inadequate servicing on time. If the panel lift door motor is dead and beyond repair, you should call up the professionals ASAP and get it replaced by them. By replacing the motor, you are sure to buy some more time for your garage door, but again it will get damaged if you don’t take proper care.

Is the Problem with the Door Track?

You may never know this, but simple dirt piled up in the garage door track can prove to be enough for causing malfunction of your garage door. If the door roller or the track is getting stuck in the halfway, that means you need to pay attention to the door track and check the problems more vividly.

Final Words :

Along with the door track, the problem source can be with the trolley carriage. You may find out that the trolley carriage is moving, but the door is not opening. No matter what the problem is, you should not delay calling up the experts solving out the issues with panel lift door motor having long-term experience. Get the garage door fixed up ASAP to avoid disruptions.