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Signs that your air conditioner needs checkup

Air conditioners and other related equipment can be a significant cause of fires in homes. Apart from fires, health problems are another issue that factor into air conditioner repair. Air conditioning units that are poorly maintained or old-fashioned connect with poor health conditions and the spread of some diseases. That is why you need regular checkups and servicing of your A/C unit by qualified professionals such as Denver air conditioner repair technicians.

It is generally costly to buy a new A/C unit, especially if you have to do so frequently. In addition, scheduled servicing minimizes the chances of expensive and unexpected repairs. The necessity for emergency servicing is also greatly minimized. Servicing your air conditioner unit requires a qualified and skilled technician who will inform you of the need for repair and worn-out equipment or parts to be replaced. Moreover, you help prevent damage and avoid an emergency call.

Warning signs

If you see any of the following warning signs, you likely need an air conditioner repair:

Warm Air; If warm air blows out of the air conditioner’s vents, you should check the thermostat. Make sure it is switched to cooling mode and set it lower than room temperature. If the vents still produce warm air, compressor issues or restricted airflow may be the cause.

Insufficient Airflow; Poor airflow is a common sign that your air conditioner is not working correctly or a blockage is preventing air from passing through the home’s ductwork.

If insufficient airflow becomes a common occurrence in your home, it is advisable to seek the services of a technician such as a Denver air conditioner repair technician to fix your A/C unit.

Frequent Cycles; A properly serviced air conditioner is expected to have nearly regular cooling cycles, regardless of the weather. If you notice frequent cycles, call cooling experts for a checkup.

High Humidity; Your air conditioner is expected to regulate humidity levels accordingly. If your cooling system cannot keep moisture levels within the required range, you should consider an air conditioner repair.

Water Leaks; Your air conditioner depends on refrigerant to cool your home and may produce condensation as it runs. None of these liquids should leak into your home, though.

A leak is a pointer that your cooling system is not operating correctly. Please do not wait to contact an air conditioning service technician. Leaks can easily damage your home and may even lead to serious structural issues. Therefore, you should not delay calling an air conditioning service technician in case of a leak.

Foul Odors; If you smell irritating scents and feel that they are coming from the A/C system, contact a technician to fix the problem before the aromas become smellier.

Unusual Noises; Most air conditioners make a little noise as they start-up and shut down. But sudden, loud, or unusual noises can be a signal of problems with your system.

Rattling noises can signal a loose part, while whistling noises can signal something serious. Such noises signal the need for professional servicing. Technicians will find the source of the problem and recommend a solution that will keep your family cool and comfortable all season long.