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San Antonio Texas Air Conditioner Repair Tips & Tricks

San Antonio Texas Air Conditioner Repair Tips & Tricks

Can you imagine living in San Antonio without an air conditioner? Some people are still living like this, but would you call it a life? During summer, temperatures easily go over 100 degrees. Can you do any job at this temperature?

If you happen to have a broken AC or HVAC, then you need to solve the problem as soon as possible. The first thing you should do is try to fix it on your own. If you don’t find a solution to it this way, you can go on and call the pros.

In this article, we’re going to show you some tips and tricks about handling the problem yourself. If you don’t manage to do it alone, then you can read about AC companies in San Antonio and find the best one among them. Follow up and learn all about it.

What are the most common AC problems that you can fix alone?

Some of the most common issues are: Indoor unit doesn’t blow cold air, water leaks from it, the outside unit freezes, it keeps shutting down, a strange smell coming out, or the entire inside or outside unit makes noises. All these issues can be handled by yourself with ease.

Warm air only blows

This is sometimes an issue that needs a more thorough check from professionals, but in most cases, the problem is in the thermostat. People accidentally turn the thermostat to hot instead of cold. Before they notice, they call the repairmen and pay lots of money for nothing.

Water leaks inside

This is a common problem and it’s caused because of a clogged system. All ACs have a pipe that takes the water produced during the work of the AC outside. However, sometimes this pipe might get clogged, and the water will have nowhere to go but inside.

All you need to do is clean the pipe from the dirt. Lots of dust and dirt often get stuck inside preventing water to drip out. Just take this dirt out and you’re good to go. See more on this here.

Outside unit freezes

This is a similar problem to the previous one. If the unit freezes, the problem might be in the dirt. You need to place the AC on auto and wait for the ice to melt. Once it is done, turn it off and check for dirt around the filters and registers. If there’s nothing weird, or you clean it and it still freezes, you’ll need to call the pros so they can check if there’s a refrigerant leaking.

It works for a while and shuts down on its own

The dirty filter may cause this problem. If the air from the inside unit can’t get out of it and feel the room, then the unit’s thermostat will see the temperature as the normal room temperature. When you clean it up well, the air will start coming out of the unit properly and it won’t be stuck inside giving false information to the machine.

Smells funny

Your AC shouldn’t smell at all. Not bad nor good. It is supposed to blow fresh air and this is the closest to smell it should be. The most common problem causing a bad smell is an animal that got in and got stuck inside. Mice are the most common ones, but anything can get in the outside unit and transfer the bad smell from it inside your home.

Noise while working

If the noise is like the entire AC is shaking, then the cause for this noise might be exactly that – the AC is shaking. It looks like it’s dancing. Check if the person who installed it forgot one of the screws and it is now loose. Fix it and it will be just fine.


If you face some of these problems, check the solutions we provided first. If none of the solutions work, then you should call the pros. If the issue can’t be handled by yourself in a simple way, then don’t try to more complex tasks alone. It may be dangerous and you may cause more problems than you already have. See more reasons why to call the pros here: