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Relocation: Out-of-State Movers Can Help

People relocate for various reasons such as: to begin a new life, start a family, gain employment, and so on. Whatever your reason may be for moving, you should start with a well thought out plan. Moving to another state can be a tedious process, especially for first timers who have the tendency to be overwhelmed at the beginning. Good planning is the only way to make relocation easier.

Try not to get confused at first. Take things slow after you are rest assured that you’ve gotten a new place to stay. Moving can only get you confused at the beginning. From then on, it’s going to get less complicated with the right plans in motion. Read more about that here.

Out-of-State Movers

Out-of-state movers can make things easier for you. Of course, this depends on the number of items to be conveyed to the new place. If you need to hire a firm, there are things to deliberate on. Before going into that, let’s understand who out-of-state movers are.

Moving companies that provide services for people relocating from one state to another are called out-of-state movers. They are also referred to as state-to-state movers. The two main categories of this type of company are van lines and moving containers. Each of these companies fit different client requirements based on timing and other special preferences.

Van Lines

Van lines are big firms that work with other (smaller) moving firms to convey your belongings to other states. Van lines load your possessions from the old place, transfer them to the new place, and offload them for you. Many of these companies handle the packing and unpacking of boxes, though for extra charges.

Read more about that here:

This service is most suitable for people with many (heavy) belongings — moving from a big house. In other words, it is a preferable option for those moving into big houses.

Moving Containers

Moving containers focus only on transporting your boxes. They have no business with packing and unpacking. You are expected to pack your boxes yourself, and load them into the containers to be conveyed by the trucks. Employees of the firm are not contracted to render assistance in this area. You can hire people to handle the job of packing and unpacking.

When your boxes are loaded into the containers, the firm’s truck/trucks will make the delivery. Your possessions can only be in the containers for a month (based on what most movers offer). This gives you enough time to load and unpack.

It is a fact that moving containers charge lesser than van lines. The timeline, distance, size of containers, type of containers, and weight of belongings and so on will determine pricing.

Now that the two categories have been explained, the aspects of your plan to consider when looking for who to hire will be discussed.


Budgeting is an important part of your plans. You should bear in mind what the costs of hiring a firm will be. You won’t want to end up regretting that you spent so much money on hiring movers, when there are other expenses to worry about.

Think about your earnings and the cost of living in the destination state. Also, keep expenses like starting utilities for your new home in mind.

The factors that determine how state-to-state movers charge their clients include the number of boxes, distance, destination, hourly rate, weight, extra services, and many more. You should know how to prepare for your relocation to another state with the right budget. This will ensure that things go smoothly at every stage, until you are completely settled in your new home.


You should make sure that your possessions are “insured”. This involves paperwork, where the mover has to pay a certain amount for damages/misplacement. They should be able to give you options for this.

Transporting Cars

Some out-of-state moving companies provide transport services for cars. It is expensive, and would require testing of the car and checking of certifications. Preferably, you can seek a firm that handles auto transport.

Making a Choice

In selecting which mover to patronize, verify that they have good safety records, top-notch customer service and reputation for ensuring customer satisfaction.