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Lower Your Monthly Electric Bill

Conserving energy in your home can help you save on a considerable monthly expense. Here are some simple but effective ways to bring down your monthly energy bill.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced Regularly

In order to work efficiently, an HVAC system needs periodic maintenance. Don’t wait until your system stops working before you call for service. Have your system cleaned and calibrated annually so you’re your system’s airflow won’t be hampered by clogged and dirty evaporator coils. For HVAC maintenance Kankakee IL, contact a company that is experienced in serving customers in your area and can offer you a competitive rate on professional cleaning.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Rather than leaving your HVAC system running continuously, you can get a thermostat that can be set to turn the system on and off at specific times. Alternatively, you can get a smart thermostat that you can connect to an app on your phone to control at any time from any location.

Switch to LED Bulbs

LED light bulbs use a lot less electricity than incandescent light bulbs and even fluorescent lighting. In addition, they need to be replaced a lot less frequently, and they tend to emit a brighter and cooler light.

Don’t Leave Chargers Plugged In

Chargers for phones, tablets, and laptops continue to use power even when they don’t have a device connected. Because chargers draw power continuously, you should unplug them when you’re not charging something.

Run Your Laundry on Cold

A lot of the energy that’s required to run a load of laundry goes towards heating the water rather than powering the actual wash cycle. Running your machine on cold will typically clean your clothes just as well as a hot cycle.

Making an active effort to use less electricity can make a noticeable difference in your electric bill. Moreover, it will help you do your part to be more eco-friendly.