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Keeping Your Terrazzo Flooring Clean

Created using marble chips, mother of pearl, or abalone shell combined with concrete or resin, terrazzo flooring is smooth, durable, and adds a luxurious look to any home or business. Of course, something so gorgeous must be well-maintained using the correct products and procedures. This means understanding how to perform terrazzo flooring maintenance Bronxville NY.

Keeping Your Terrazzo Floor Clean

As with any flooring, the first step of the cleaning process is to remove any loose dust, food crumbs, or other debris. If the floor is particularly dusty, skip the traditional broom in favor of a dry mop.

After you remove all the debris, wet mop the floor using plain water or a neutral cleaner that is not alkaline nor acidic. Let the water or cleaner stay on the floor for a few minutes to help it dissolve any stuck-on dirt. Ensure it all stays wet during these minutes. If parts of the floor dry before others, these areas will have dirt that just dries back into place.

Finally, use clean water and a squeegee or wet vacuum to remove all the water from the floor. Depending on how dirty the floor was, you may need to repeat steps two and three at least one more time. Once the floor is dry, you can buff it to make it shine.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional

Terrazzo flooring is often considered a luxurious option and may be harder to keep clean on your own. If you want to keep your floors as beautiful as the day you installed them, hiring a professional is important. An expert has professional tools, just the right cleaning solutions, and the knowledge and experience necessary to maintain your floor’s luster. It is also important to hire a professional if the floor has not been well-maintained. He or she can remove stains, restore any areas that need repairing, and bring back the terrazzo’s shine.

Even if you prefer to perform regular flooring maintenance on your own, consider calling in a professional at least once a year. A licensed, insured, and reputable flooring company ensures you keep your terrazzo in excellent shape and maintain its value for years to come.