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How To Pick Out The Best Air-Conditioning Unit For Your Home

Plenty of customers come to Waxahachie Air Conditioning Installation wondering how to decide what kind of air-conditioning unit would be the best fit for their home. Ultimately the type of units that are going to serve you the best will be determined by the type of lifestyle that you live, your budget, and what you are looking for out of an air-conditioning system.

What To Consider When Looking At Air-Conditioning Systems For Your Home

Waxahachie Air Conditioning Installation has a few recommendations on what to think about whenever you are looking into a new air-conditioning system. You will always have the best results if you can readily answer these questions before you start looking at your options. How large is the house that you need to have, if there isn’t already ductwork is it possible to install them, and how much of your decision will be made based off of efficiency? If you are capable of answering those three questions for you start looking the process will go much more smoothly.

Common Types Of Air-Conditioning Systems

Air-conditioning is one of the modern conveniences many people have, to regard it as a necessity. Today a household electric bill will be composed of around 50% of its total cost directly from heating and cooling. While it is certainly important to keep your house comfortable there is some definite wisdom to keeping an eye on efficiency as well.

Window Units

This type of air-conditioning system is one of the easiest to install and most compatible with the widest variety of homes. They are literally installed into a window of the home and typically are designed to provide air-conditioning for one or two rooms at a time. They are going to be the best option if you are looking for an air-conditioning system in a fairly small home or apartment. In the past, these were incredibly inefficient machines which made them rather uneconomical but today the efficiency has gone up to a large degree so they are much more affordable options.

Ductless Mini Split Units

if you are living in a home that does not have ductwork already installed and it is not possible to have ductwork installed this is going to be one of the few options you have. It uses the process of evaporative cooling. There are two parts to this system. There is an indoor wall-mounted unit which is an evaporator and an outdoor unit which is the condensing unit. The best part about this type of unit is that they are fairly quiet whenever they are running.

Central Air-Conditioning Units

This is by far the most popular form of air-conditioning at least in the United States. They are more than capable of providing whole cooling solutions. They do require ductwork. Today most of them are fairly energy-efficient so you will not have a crazy energy bill at the end of the month every month. Perhaps the biggest downside to this type of air-conditioning system was the fact that they are fairly expensive and they also require annual maintenance to continue operating in peak condition.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners should be viewed as an air-conditioning option of last resort. Most of the time the manufacturers will overstate the claimed cooling output and they are already fairly inefficient, to begin with. Not only will you end up spending a ton of money to keep these things operating but in the end, you may not even end up feeling cool.