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How to Buy The Best Washing Machine Online

This is your go-to guide if you are looking to buy the best washing machine in India.

Before we talk about your budget and the washing machine price, you should know the different kinds of washing machines that you can choose from:

1. Semi-automatic washing machine: A semi-automatic washing machine has a separate dryer and washer. In the semi-automatic, you need to set the time and measure out the detergent yourself. You need to physically lift the clothes out of the washer and then put it in the dryer.


  • The washing machine price is pretty low.
  • Convenient for a young couple or a single person.


  • You have to do a lot of manual labor.
  • The machine is not smart.

2. Fully automatic washing machine: There are two types of fully automatic washing machines – Top load and front load.

a. Front load washing machine: This kind of washing machine is ideal for families who do a lot of laundries. The washer and dryer are on the same machine and you do not have anything by yourself. Just select a pre-programmed option and you’re good to go.


  • The washing machine is extremely smart.
  • A lot of clothes can fit in one cycle.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • The drying time is very short.
  • Gentle on clothes and cleans them extremely well


  • Bad for your back because you have to bend to put in and take out the clothes
  • More expensive than the semi-automatic washing machine and top load washing machine.
  • The washing cycle is very long

b. Top load washing machine: This type of fully automatic washing machine is great for people who have huge families or those who love technology. In the top loading washing machine, all you need to do is put your clothes in, select a preset program and watch as your clothes get washed and dried in the same go. The water level is decided by the smart washing machine and it senses the weight of the clothes to determine how much detergent is required.


  • Smart washing machine
  • They cost less than front load washing machine
  • Compact in size
  • There’s no need to bend to put it in the clothes
  • The cycles are much shorter so it’s great if you are short on time.


  • More expensive than the semi-automatic washing machine
  • It’s not energy-efficient
  • Lesser features and options compared to front load washing machine
  • Requires more detergent than front loaders but clean less effectively compared to them.
  • If the drum in the top is too deep, you may have to bend down further.
  • The drum size is smaller than front load washing machine and it means that have to do your laundry in batches. This may take a lot of time and effort.

The best washing machine for you is one that fits your requirements and your budget. For great discounts and offers, buy a washing machine online. It is a surefire way of getting your dream washing machine at the best price.