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DIY Garage Door Installation: Advice and Tips

DIY Garage Door Installation: Advice and Tips Embarking on a DIY garage door installation may initially appear like a very difficult task. Fortunately there are instructional materials that will guide you through the entire process helping you to get it right. Some aspects of the job require assistance like carrying the old and new doors. Approximately 9 to 12 hours will be spent working on the door and another 2 to 4 hours installing the automatic opener. What are the tools needed for DIY garage door installation? Some of the tools needed for this project include the basic ones usually found in the toolbox such as screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, and level. Other tools to be used include C-clamps, stepladder, pliers, socket wrench set, and drill. Sawhorses are also needed in holding the sections during the assembly process as well as small air-driven impact wrench and sockets that make the assembly faster. Tips in removing the old door To prevent injury during removal of your old door, it is essential to stick to what is indicated in the instructions manual, usually included when you purchase a new door. It shows there the right tools to use and a step-by-step guide on how to release the spring tension. Two types of springs are used for weight balance namely torsion spring and extension spring. They provide power in opening and closing the door. For DIY garage door installation, it’s also a good idea to check what type your new garage door is. You will need one or more person to help you lift the door for it to be fully opened. Place the locking pliers or C-clamps tightly on both sides of the track to keep the door in place. When the door has come down, remove the hardware and door sections one after the other. Do not leave any track and hardware. The old track should not be used for the new door. Methods on how to install the new door Pay attention to the instructions provided by the manufacturer when preparing the opening. The bottom section first must be assembled first and the lift handle must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. As you stack and assemble the other sections in place, the nails will anchor the remaining sections securely. The sections will then be fastened up as you work with the hinges. Assemble the track by loosely fastening the support brackets. Put the track over the rollers and try to position it so that the rollers will be all the way in the hinges. The spring assembly must be fastened to the door and the safety spring holders must be attached. Try to adjust the spring tension until the door closes and opens easily. Getting the automatic opener installed Doing DIY garage door installation could take almost half a day and a few hours more to install the garage door opener. When installing an opener, the pull rope must be removed to avoid any accidents such as strangulation. Keep all locks removed or disabled. Depending on the type of door you purchased, instructions for “diy garage door”installation may vary. Certain directions are distinct to a particular brand or door type. When the installation is complete, test the safety reversal and protector systems and set up the safety labels that are included upon purchase of the door or the opener.