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Different Equipment You Might Find in a Warehouse Business

Have you ever been interested in learning more about what goes on inside a warehouse facility? Many companies run successful warehouse operations all over the world. This kind of business usually involves a large building where different products are stored until they are ready to be transported to their next destination. Many companies benefit from using satellite warehouses to ship their goods. To run this kind of business efficiently, there are a few key pieces of equipment that are needed.

Rolling Carts

Within the vast square footage of a warehouse, a lot of different products must be moved around from shelves to staging and shipping areas and then on to their final destinations. One of the main pieces of equipment you’ll find that helps move items is a rolling cart. Warehouse workers use different size carts depending on the size of the object they’re transporting. These carts get a lot of use fairly quickly, and sometimes need to be repaired. When a wheel breaks, you want to find the right kind of replacement. For example, if the cart needs 5 inch caster wheels, then you’d want to find a supplier that carries these parts.


Most warehouse operations not only encompass large square footage, but they also have tall ceilings to help store items vertically. To help workers maneuver to the top shelves, forklifts are usually necessary. A forklift is a very dense, sturdy machine that drives like a motorized cart. The front of the machine has two forks that protrude perpendicularly, and these are what grab pallets from high shelves. The forklift is designed to move bulky objects that are usually attached to square wooden pallets. Forklift drivers must take caution to watch their surroundings when removing items from high shelves so that they don’t hurt other people standing nearby.

Pallet Jacks

Like a forklift, a pallet jack is used to maneuver palleted bulky items. This machine has two forks similar to the forklift, but it’s a handheld cart and not a motorized vehicle. Pallet jacks have hydraulic handles that allow the operator to gently lift the pallet off the ground just enough to be moved. The forks are equipped with wheels that make the pallet easy to maneuver around the floor.

The interesting equipment found inside warehouses helps many people earn their livings. The next time you see a package delivered, you can appreciate all of the hard work that it took to get it to its destination.