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Decorating a Second Home in Florida

A snowbird’s Florida residence should feature classic but beachy décor. You want to avoid creating a design concept that’s too modern or urban. Instead, you want to create a space that feels inviting and summery. Here are five ideas about how you can make your second home functional, stylish, and beachy.

1. Pick Out Nautical Patterns

Consider fabrics with a nautical theme for bedding, towels, and even furniture. You can choose blue stripes, stars, or small prints.

2. Add Beautiful Shells as Home Accents

Get Florida shells for sale so you’ll have authentic shells that celebrate the beauty of Florida’s coast. Most larger shells are fairly durable, so you won’t have to worry when you see a guest pick one up to examine it.

3. Showcase the Area on Your Walls

Put some character on your walls with some striking prints of Florida. You can choose tropical palms, waves crashing on the shore or pink sunsets. Alternatively, poster-sized frame pictures of Florida wildlife such as seabirds or sea turtles will be sure to draw attention.

4. Choose Floor Coverings That Are Bright and Easy to Clean

Vibrant floor colorings will brighten up your space and make it more comfortable to pad around barefoot. Don’t get rugs that are too dense or shaggy. Even when you clean your feet and belongings thoroughly before you step inside, you’re bound to track in some sand when you’re near the beach.

5. Get a Window Seat

If a beach house doesn’t have a window seat, you can make your own by getting a bench and choosing some casual cushions. It will be a great place to enjoy some sunshine without leaving the house, and it can be a pet’s favorite place to hang out. For the best use of your space, get a bench that contains storage.