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Creating Great Outdoor Spaces with Ofyr’s Grill and Fire Pit

There is hardly any fresh and exciting home design that does not include some wonderful exterior designs as well. While the warm weather always inspires bright colors and fresh designs inside, it also offers great inspiration for patio and yard accents as well.
There is a renewed focus on creating yard space that is more than a place to have an occasional barbeque. In fact, the change of creating an outside living area has expanded greatly over the last few years. Today’s backyards have become a haven from the stresses of life and homeowners are looking to create expanded living space that can be used frequently.

Gazebo’s, screened beach houses, terraces, and patios have replaced the traditional deck for outdoor enjoyment and living space. With a wide variety of exciting furniture options available, the new backyard outside area has become a wonderful place for gathering family and friends as well as quiet romantic nights.

The New Outside Grill and Fire Pit

One of the newer additions for enjoying the outside living area of a home is with the Ofyr Outdoor Cooking Grill. The Ofyr Cooking Grill is pronounced (Oh Fire) and it comes specially designed and manufactured from the Netherlands. The grill has a profoundly unique shape and way of cooking foods. It is a wood-fired grill that cooks on a separate surface and not directly on the open flames like a traditional grill.

The center of the grill is heated with a wood fire pit similar to an outdoor fire pit. The difference in the Ofer cooking grill is that the circular exterior of the fire bowl is a surface that is designed and created for cooking both meats and vegetables.

The Ofyr is easily transported and is great for gatherings of all sizes. It can cook an amazing amount of food at the same time while it gives a warm environment in the cool evenings of any time of year. In fact, the fire pit of the Ofyr emits enough warmth to enjoy cooking outside even in a milder winter day.

Unlike traditional grills, the Ofyr Grill is also a piece of designer furniture as well. When not being used as a grill, it has a cover and can double as a high-top table. This is great for daytime poolside lounging and in the evening, the grill opens up as the perfect poolside grill and fire pit. It comes in three-part modular design that is not too heavy to move. It can be easily set up for use at a home and backyard patio grill, by poolside, in a park, at a beach, camping or on vacation destination.

For people who want to create a wonderful outside living space and have the ability to enjoy outside grilling and entertainment, the Ofyr Grill is the perfect addition. It radiates heat from the center allowing for different types of food cooking at different grill temperatures when the wood is burning in the center. It comes in a variety of designs including an island cooking grill. All these beautiful Ofyr Grills have an open back cabinet that houses the wood for burning at the base.