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How to Cut MelaWood

MelaWood is PG Bison’s leading brand of decorative melamine faced board and is popular because it is easy to use, looks good and offers great strength and durability. It is basically a 16mm thick piece of chipboard and each flat side is covered with a melamine layer in one of four different finishes – Peen, Ashwood, Linear, and Natural Touch. One thing DIY-ers struggle with however is getting the perfect edge when cutting it with either a table saw or a circular saw.

When the cutting is done professionally, typically at a cut and edge factory, you will notice that the material has a perfectly cut edge as compared to an amateur’s attempts. This is because professional panel saws use two blades in order to cut the board. First, a smaller blade cuts a groove all along the bottom and on the cutline. This ensures that the main circular blade doesn’t chip the edge as it breaks through the bottom of the material while making a cut.

You can achieve the same or similar quality with immense care and precision. For instance to reduce the damage, cut slowly and make sure you use a sharp fine tooth blade. To eliminate the chipping, first draw where the cut should be and then score a line at the top and bottom of the material with a sharp blade.

Another alternative is to set the depth on your saw to about 3mm. Cut on the line and then turn the material over and cut again – this time at full depth. This method is only advisable if you use a table saw. It will be difficult the cut precisely on the same line using only a circular saw.

Using power tools such as table and circular saws is highly dangerous. Always wear the necessary personal protective gear when using these tools. Pursue the perfect cut!


Practical Skills Needed When Pursuing a Career in a Reactor Industry

A career has a technician that specializes in reactor services is worth considering because many businesses need chemical solutions on a regular basis. The process of preparing for this kind of journey isn’t tough, as many basic skills that you may already have could give you a head start. However, in order to succeed, you must learn how to hone key skills so that productivity and efficiency levels won’t drop after you’re landed a job in your preferred industry.


Upon landing a job, your project manager will structure teams, and these teams will tackle a variety of tasks that involve chemicals. If you want to produce professional results after completing multiple objectives, you’ll need to fully understand how to work with your team in an effective and efficient manner. Because reactor jobs have complicated requirements, inefficiencies could occur throughout a typical project. However, in order to succeed in these situations, you must understand how to make adjustments whenever the project manager makes strategic changes. If you’re able to adjust to new objectives with ease, your team will function as a unit; as a result, everyone will accomplish all goals effectively.


Once you reach a certain level of success, you’ll may have opportunities to climb the ranks. When this happens, you must have proper skills in order to strategically work in the industry as a project manager. Management is a tactical job that requires good listening skills and solid leadership abilities. As a leader and project manager, you’ll have to constantly study treads and market conditions so that you can  give proper tasks to key workers.

Problem Solving

Throughout many situations, a project manager will have to resolve situations strategically so that everyone in the company benefits, and this is why you’ll need highly efficient problem solving skills. If you lack these skills, you can train before you land a job by attending workshops or by taking proper courses.

If you’re going to pursue a job in an industry that works with rectors and chemicals, you’ll need solid teamwork, leadership, and problem solving skills. The process of landing a job in this industry will be challenging because Reactor Services International Inc and other reputable companies always need strategic and reliable employees.…

Building Custom Homes

Not many people have plans about building custom homes. Nonetheless, you’ll not wish to let go of the idea if you come to know about the ample advantages these houses offer. It is actually easier than what you think and worth more than what you imagine, especially if you hire the right contractor, like London and Kent Construction for example. There are various advantages which you could get from customized build homes slightly than relying on the same house you could buy from nearly any other builder.

Supplies are of Good High quality: The first thing to note here is to grasp that these new homes are constructed with prime quality materials. You needn’t be involved about the house that is being constructed out of prefabricated construction, which makes it less durable. Additionally, you might be assured that you are being delivered solely the standard construction using best materials and a complete satisfaction with regards to service. This will aid you study on the materials which can be being used in your house and these will probably be lengthy lasting than others.

Organize as per your Necessities: Another benefit with having a custom-made home is that you can have it laid out based on your selections and preferences. This does not point out that there will not be any disagreements, but that these might be considerably reduced. As long as your builder is able to meet the requirements of the undertaking and it satisfies the associated fee codes, your house will probably be built simply the way you had envisioned. After that, you can start having fun with residing inside your custom homes as you are the one who had decided the way it must be built and the way it will look when finished. Right from the budget to all the other consolation requirements, you can have the home designed as per your choice.

Make the Many of the Land and the Residence: While residing in a customized residence, you will feel that you’re taking advantage of the obtainable land and home. It’s because you may have the home look just the way you want and really feel that you have made the utmost use of the obtainable piece of land. This may stop your land from wanting terrible.

It is good to get pleasure from the benefits of residing in customized new homes. It is in spite of everything a home that you have dreamed to build all of your life and when you lastly have the keys to that door, there’s an intense sense of satisfaction overwhelming you.

Benefits of Maintaining Room Hygiene

Dear friends loved to remember when you were a child and teenager, your mother often reminded to tidy up the bed and clean the bedroom. As a child, maybe then you do not care about the messy sheets, dirty clothes on the floor and toys lying everywhere. However, as you mature, most of us already have a sense of cleanliness and realize the benefits of maintaining the cleanliness of the bedroom that we care less about when teenagers.

If you are still lazy and have difficulty convincing yourself (and possibly others) to clean each other bedrooms, here are five reasons why a clean bedroom can actually support your daily mood and activities.

1. Less clutter means less visual stress.

Let’s face it: chaos and messy things can be stressful. This often happens just because you do not have enough time to set and tidy up. Though the reduced chaos can reduce disturbance and visual stress you know. When looking at various messy items filling the bed or table, you certainly feel annoyed right?

2. The clean bedrooms look more attractive.

A dirty and messy bedroom does not make you comfortable in it, maybe you’d rather sleep on the couch. But a clean bedroom will draw your attention to rest and spend a long time there. A clean bedroom provides the comfort you need after a tired activity. If you feel lazy to clean the room, maybe you can ask for help from home cleaning services. Fast, easy, and practical.

3. Tidy and clean bedrooms are easier to keep clean and tidy.

If you always postpone cleaning the bedroom and wait until you see a pile of dust and a pile of other items that need cleaning, you need more time and more effort to clean it up. By regular cleaning, you can not only reduce the time needed to clean up, but you also reduce the stress associated with cleaning. It would be easier to sweep the tidy room than to sweep the room with lots of stuff scattered on the floor.

4. A clean bedroom helps to reduce negative emotions.

Why do some people build chaos in their homes? The stockpiles are an extreme example of people with emotional disturbances that consequently expand into their living environment. By cleaning your room regularly, not only do you create a comfortable and calming atmosphere, but you also avoid negative emotions that encourage you to hoard goods and create chaos. If you get rid of unused objects and put things in a neat and orderly manner, then you also organize and organize your heart and mind. This may make you feel depressed at first, but after that you will feel relieved and calm. An easy way to not waste time, and effort is to get help from home cleaning companies.

5. The clean bedroom makes it easier to find the items you need.

Some of the messy bedroom owners remain confident that they are not having any trouble. But if you ask them to find something quickly, surely they will be confused and looking around the room. Having a clean and tidy room helps you find what is needed more easily; You can reduce the time spent searching for your favorite white shirt or your sneakers, for example. Cleaning the bedroom may be everyday homework that looks trivial yes, but it turns out the benefits of maintaining the cleanliness of the bedroom can not be considered trivial.…

Cost-Effective Ways to Prevent Retail Theft

You’d be hard-pressed to find a store that hasn’t been affected by shoplifting. Depending on the size of an establishment and the type of merchandise it sells, it’s not unusual for retail theft to result in thousands of dollars’ worth of product loss per year. When initial attempts at curbing shoplifting prove unsuccessful, many story owners give up and accept retail theft as an unavoidable part of doing business. It should be noted, however, that reducing product loss isn’t as daunting as many businesses think. In your store’s efforts to prevent shoplifting, the following tips are sure to serve you well.

Strategically Arrange Displays and Shelving

Shoplifters have a habit of using shelving and store displays as cover when concealing items. Fortunately, by taking this fact into account when arranging your displays and shelves, you can stop thieves in their tracks. This entails arranging your shelving in a manner that makes customer activity instantly visible to sales associates and placing displays in areas where they won’t provide cover for illegal activity. When considering creative ways to set up shelving and displays, you may benefit from enlisting the aid of seasoned commercial interior design firms.

Let Customers Know You’re Aware of Their Presence

There are numerous benefits to letting customers know you’re aware of their presence. Not only does this let patrons know that their questions and concerns will be promptly addressed, it also deters shoplifting from following through. With this in mind, make a point of greeting every customer who enters you establishment and asking patrons who linger for a while if they require any assistance. It’s no stores with high rates of customer interaction tend to have low rates of merchandise theft.

Discourage Bags and Backpacks

Bags and backpacks function as popular concealment tools for shoplifters. As such, your staff should keep a watchful eye on anyone who enters your store with one of these items. Additionally, if you oversee a clothing store, patrons should never be allowed to bring bags or backpacks into the changing area. Some stores that have had considerable problems with shoplifting even implement bag and backpack checks for outgoing customers.

Every store has fallen victim to retail theft at some point. As discouraging as this can be, there’s no reason for store owners to become complicit by not taking action. While fighting shoplifting may seem like a futile endeavor, this is far from the case. With the help of the previously discussed pointers, stores can reduce instances of theft and make shoplifters think twice before targeting them.


List of Plastering Tools

If you’re renovating a property or simply refurbishing a room or two, then you may be interested in plastering to give the ideal finish to your walls and ceiling. Of course, if you have the right tools for the job, achieving that smooth finish should be a snap.

However, many people are uncertain as to the basic tools they need. Like any other DIY job, the key to success is being thoroughly prepared – you don’t want to discover halfway through the job that you’re missing a vital piece of equipment.

What follows is the list of tools that will enable you to create that enviable plaster finish in your home, whether you’re renovating old plaster or skimming over plasterboard. You can buy them all from a reputable online supplier like and start your next plastering job knowing you have everything you need to complete it.

The Hawk

This is what you’ll use to hold the mixed plaster while you apply it with the trowel. The hawk is held in one hand and the trowel in the other, and it is the professional tool for the job. Make sure you buy one that is comfortable in the hand and doesn’t strain the wrist.

The Trowel

This is the key tool of the trade, and mastering this rectangular implement will help you to create a smooth and even finish. Look for a hardened and tempered steel blade, and if your budget stretches that far, consider buying a trowel that has already been worn in. You can also invest in a bucket trowel to scoop up plaster from the bucket on to the hawk and a corner trowel to create perfect corners. Though you can finish with a trowel, a plastering float makes short work of creating a fabulous finish.

A Good-Quality Knife

You’ll be surprised how often you use this – to widen cracks and holes for repair, to cut tape and cut plasterboard. Add a pair of tin snips for making short work of cutting plaster bead accurately and neatly.

Spirit Level

For that perfectly even finish, nothing beats a spirit level. Use it when the plaster has been smoothed down but is not quite set in order to get the definitive finish.

Water Brush or Spray Bottle

When you’re polishing the plaster to create the perfect surface for painting, it helps to keep the wall wet to give the trowel some lubrication. You can flick the wall with water from a paintbrush or, for a more consistent level of dampness, spray using the type of bottle you use to mist indoor plants.


Because you’re unlikely to get your plaster perfectly smooth, you’ll need a good-quality sandpaper to get things perfectly level. If using a sander, ensure it has a dust bag as plaster dust remains in the atmosphere for a surprisingly long time.

A Bucket

The humble bucket is a key piece of any plasterer’s kit. Use one to mix up your plaster and another to rinse your trowel between applications of plaster.

Plaster-Mixing Accessory

The best way to mix plaster to the right consistency is with a mixing bit for a power drill. This makes short work of getting the plaster smooth and workable.

A Stepladder

You might not need a stepladder for every job, but if you’re working on a ceiling or a high wall, then it’s absolutely invaluable!…