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Can You Use Pre-Owed Medical Equipment?

When money is tight and you’re trying to set up a medical system, you might be ready to use any means necessary to cut costs and save your funding. Before you purchase used medical equipment, make sure that the company you buy from is trustworthy. A few things you should watch for include:

  • Safety inspections. Whether you want to buy a used hospital bed or pre-owned CT scan equipment, every aspect should be inspected carefully before the seller ever makes it available. If you get to purchase it in person, conduct your own inspection for visible hazards like loose parts or frayed cords.
  • Thorough cleaning. The business you buy from should be able to assure you that every aspect of the equipment you’re interested in has been sanitized and maintained to meet the healthcare standards, if not beyond. Your new-to-you machines will not be safe to use if they carry residues of a past life, and the lack of care to clean the products should make you wary.
  • Careful testing. Don’t waste your time or money on equipment that isn’t guaranteed to work as it should. The company you buy from should run tests to ensure that their pre-owned machines work properly. They may also allow you to conduct your own tests before buying, just in case something went wrong in the process.
  • Available maintenance. If you buy pre-owned medical equipment, you may run into mechanical problems that you weren’t expecting, just like with new machines. You’ll benefit from having materials on hand and someone who knows how to use them, or a warranty that covers help in fixing any errors that might come up.

If the company you buy from meets these criteria, you can feel safe to purchase their pre-owned medical equipment and use it in your medical facility.