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A House Divided

A House Divided You know, you try your best to raise your kids the right way. You start from the very minute you find out your expecting. You decorate the nursery, buy all the new safety gadgets, stock the changing table with 5 different sizes of diapers and even start a college fund. The excitement lasts months with the anticipation of having a mini-you; albeit a smaller and much cuter version. You can envision all the fun times you’ll have together as you mold them into perfect little people. You do all you can to provide for, nurture and encourage your children and you rarely ask for anything in return, after all, you are the parent. Which is why it is so devastating when your child is old enough to sit on your lap and spend a Sunday afternoon watching your favorite NFL team play, just to hear them root for the other guys. It’s just heartbreaking. After purchasing an entire fall wardrobe filled with sweats, hoodies and jerseys in support of our hometown team, my kid refuses to wear them. The twin sized comforter, which only fits his bed, is now collecting dust in the linen closet and the sofa throw, well, at least that will still get some use from me. He now wants apparel from a team that is not only not in our viewing area, but several states away. So, I am left with two options. I can force the little guy to root for my team (Philadelphia Eagles), or I can allow him to express his individuality and purchase clothes and bedroom accessories for the team he now roots for. Now that I decided to allow him to express himself, I have yet another problem. Our area doesn’t carry merchandise for the team he now loves to support and after doing numerous Google searches to find the items we needed to fulfill his back-stabbing desire, we found hundreds of sights. Sounds great, huh? The problem is that none of them carried all of the things we were looking for. One was fully stocked with clothing and apparel, while others were geared towards home furnishings and still others were more for gift ideas (like mugs, banners, car magnets, etc). You may be saying to yourself, what’s the big deal. You found what you were looking for, right? Yes, we did, but for the added cost of shipping from each of those sites we could have driven to North Carolina and back (I guess you can figure out his favorite team now, huh) and spent less on gas.