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A Breathtaking Addition To Your Home – Bedroom Benches

A Breathtaking Addition To Your Home – Bedroom Benches Benches are a common sight throughout the home these days. From stepping in to serve dual duty in the living room as additional seating or a handy ottoman for tired feet, benches are also making their mark in the bedroom. This is in large part due to the larger bedrooms homes we have nowadays. A bed, dresser and a couple nightstands used to barely fit in a master suite in years gone by. But today, there’s plenty of room, allowing homeowners to add all sorts of new furnishings, from fainting couches and lounge chairs to yes, you guessed it, bedroom benches. Why would you need a bench in your room? One of the most obvious reasons occurs every morning. Getting ready without a place to sit can make it look like you’re preparing for a new Olympic sport as you hop around on one leg, trying to get your slacks or trousers on or putting on some pantyhose. Bedroom benches let you have a nice, comfortable place to sit down so you can get ready for work or play without risking life and limb. One of the most popular places to put bedroom benches is at the foot of the bed. This is often unused space anyway and a lot of the benches out on the market these days are intentionally scaled to fit perfectly there. You can even perform searches based on the available width you have. If you don’t want to use the end of the bed for bedroom benches, you have plenty of other options. You can add one against a wall and use it to lay out your clothes the night before. Back in the day they had a specific piece of furniture for this – a valet, but you can use a bench in the same capacity, especially if it has armrests or a back. If you have a large walk-in closet, you can add a smaller bench there. This is a great place to try on shoes before you head off to work or a night on the town. Put it in front of an angled mirror like the shoe stores have and you’ll have a glamorous yet functional place to review your many options. You can use smaller bedroom benches for your vanity or makeup area as well. You want to pay attention to the scale of the piece here, but certainly a bench can work well there, especially if you have teenage daughters who want to get a makeup lesson or two from you. When searching for benches, don’t get too carried away with the term “bedroom benches.” While you can use it as a search term either on a particular furniture website or on Google, you can just search for indoor benches as well. That’s because any bench designed for the interior of your home can serve admirably in the bedroom as well. For instance, if you find a hall bench that is perfect for your bedroom, or even a small hall tree bench that is usually intended for the entryway, you can use it in the bedroom just as easily. Many benches have really nice features, too, that go beyond having the luxury of having a place to hang or lay out your clothes or have a place to sit. You can get benches that have built-in shoe cubbies so you when you come home you can swap out your loafers for your favorite pair of flip-flops or slippers. Others have storage underneath the seat so you can store your seasonal wear away when it’s time to switch gears and seasons. Benches in the bedroom are a smart addition that will add beauty and a lot of desirable functionality to the room without taking up a lot of space.