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4 Women’s Trends That Are Here To Stay

4 Women’s Trends That Are Here To Stay Every decade has its own particular fashion masterpiece. I always wished I could have lived in the 20s. Women’s fashion in the 20s was so elegant and dainty. I loved the fringed flapper dresses and the little felt hats and long cigar holders. The 70s had flares, 80s was all about the shoulder pads and for me the 90s was all about the “body”, which, by the way is back with a bang. So what female fashion trends will we be discussing when looking back at 2000-2010. Maxi dresses – maxi dresses scare me. I feel that I am possibly the only female under 30 who has not embraced this particular fashion style with open arms. But they really do terrify me. Firstly, I am little over 5 ft tall and they seem to highlight how vertically challenged I actually am. I tried one with wedged sandals but I kept stepping on the bottom of the dress and tripping. Furthermore when are you really able to wear them in the UK? I mean really wear them, without a shrug, denim jacket or cardigan. I could possibly get more on board with the maxi dress if I lived on a hot Hawaiian beach but I am always too cold. The only real advantage I can see to this maxi dress ( apparently it is here to stay) is the possibility to be able to eat plenty and keep expanding without a tight trouser band. Patterned tights – now this is so much more for my way of thinking. I got my first pair from Italy and as most Italian fashion goes they are divine. White opaque with an abstract black pattern. Opaque patterned tights are great for keeping your legs warm through the autumn / winter ( and spring and summer if you live in the UK) and they can make really plain outfits look more interesting Oversized handbags – I think we will definitely be looking back in years to come and shaking our heads at the sheer size of this trend, but they are ever so practical. I personally have about 20 super sized handbags. One to go with every outfit. We all know its interesting to see what people carry in their handbags and the sheer size of some of these bags opens up even more possibilities than normal. For example, what do I have in mine? The usual suspects, mobile phone, purse, sunglasses and the not so necessary, flip flops in case my feet hurt after shopping for over eight hours non-stop, hair straighteners,large size hair spray and a Finding Nemo DVD? What are we going to do when the handbag trend shrinks!!!! Jeggings. Jeggings, jeggings, jeggings! I think you either do or you don’t. I do! I love them. Comfortable, stretchy and for my opinion very slimming. I do worry that we will look back in years to come and compare them to the ski-pant disaster of the 90s. Ski-pants and bodies were my wardrobe staple. They were everybody’s wardrobe staple, but can anybody remember what we worn underneath them as we never seemed to have VPL. I have a feeling I used to go commando.