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3 Things Every New Contractor Should Have

With everyone spending more time at home, many families have chosen to tackle long-postponed home improvement projects. While some are simple DIY affairs, others require the skill and knowledge that a professional contractor brings to the table. That opens the door for new contractors to get started in the trade. To be successful, you want to set yourself apart as one who will perform the work you promise safely, correctly and on schedule.

1. The Appropriate License and Certification

Anyone with a set of tools can start a construction business, but potential customers want to know that a contractor has fone through the process of getting the necessary licenses and certifications for the work they perform. It is also a requirement if you want to legally bid on projects within the state of Nevada. So, be sure to file for and maintain the appropriate Nevada contractor license. Know what you will need ahead of time and have it prepared since this can be a lengthy process.

2. Comprehensive Insurance

There is no way around the simple fact that accidents can -and probably will- happen even when precautions are taken. The right insurance package can help you in several ways. Contractor liability insurance protects the assets of your fledgling business in case someone makes a claim against you for damages or injuries. Depending on how your business is set up, you may need to carry workers’ compensation insurance for yourself or any employees. This will cover medical expenses and lost wages that result from a covered on-the-job injury.

3. Checkable References

Even if you don’t have a huge portfolio as you get started, you will want to have a few checkable references. Turn to family and friends who you have completed work for and ask them to serve in this capacity. Be sure they are comfortable talking with potential customers on your behalf.

Although these are useful for getting yourself established, you will want to maintain a license, insurance and valid references continuously. They will help you attract new and repeat customers and grow your business operations.