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3 Options for Customized Doors

Are you looking for ways to make your home show off more of your style? Paint, windows, shutters, and siding only go so far. Why not add custom doors to the mix as well? From unique materials to beautiful designs and even gorgeous windows, there are so many options to consider.

1. Your Garage Door

When choosing your customized doors Summerville SC, why not start with something functional? Custom garage doors are a way to add something unique to your property on a large scale while ensuring your home, not to mention your cars, are protected. Wooden and steel carriage house doors are functional while adding a cottage-style charm to your home, while sleek contemporary options keep with the modern feel of other types of homes. Even if you choose traditional garage doors, you can cusotmize them with dozens of different colors.

2. Your Front Door

As you (or your guests) walk up to your property, you want your style to shine. Consider how your front door can do help it do just that. Traditional doors often don’t have windows and are usually in a neutral shade like white or brown. While functional, they aren’t very stylish. Think about your personal style. Would a pop of color make your home stand out from the rest of the street? Try a blue, yellow, or even a hot pink door. Do you want something elegant and sophisticated? Consider one with a stained glass window.

3. Your Interior Doors

Who says all of your door customizations need to be visible from the outside? The doors inside of your home are just as important and can be just as unique. Take farmhouse-style doors as an example. These two-piece doors can swing completely open or can be left closed at the bottom. A door that closes at the bottom allows you to do things like cook without worry of little hands finding hot stoves. You can even add the style to the playroom, ensuring your kiddos keep their toys where they should while you keep an eye on them.

Whether you want to customize one of your doors or all of them, always work with professionals. Doing so ensures your home remains as safe as it is beautiful.