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3 Great Tips for Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is one of the rooms that everyone visits in the home. It’s typically the room that gets the most traffic. After all, everyone has to eat at some point. Since there is an understanding that the kitchen is a central location, it’s also easy to understand why it would get dirty and disorganized quickly. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen on a consistent basis, there are ways to combat it. Try these three great tips to maintain kitchen organization.

1. Make sure everything has an assigned spot.
Whether it’s the fine china set from your grandparents or the ground coffee containers, make sure everything in the kitchen has an assigned spot. Once a person is finished using an item, the rule is that they must put it back. When everyone is intentional about this rule, this makes it a lot easier for the kitchen to remain clean. Whether it’s once or twice a week, make sure someone has the assignment of unloading the dishwasher to put everything back in its rightful place.

2. Do a light cleaning each night.
Your kitchen is the room where you make gourmet meals and provide hospitality to your family and friends. It needs to stay clean. No one wants to eat something from a dirty kitchen. Make sure that you do a light cleaning each night. Sweep the floors. You might even decide to pass the mop through the room. Wipe down the countertops and surfaces. If you’ve made a messy dish like spaghetti, make sure that you wipe down the walls and cabinets near the stove. It’s easy for grease and other liquids to splash and make a mess. When you’ve spent time investing in beautiful wood kitchen cabinets greensburg pa, it’s important to take good care of them.

3. Be relentless about decluttering.
Once you go to the mailbox, take care of the mail immediately. Don’t allow it to pile up on the kitchen counter or the island. Instead, sort through the pile. Figure out which items belong to the different family members. Throw away or recycle the junk mail. Do this process every time the mail comes. This is one step that saves a lot of kitchens from total ruin.