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3 Factors (Other Than You) That May Hurt Your Cooking

If you’re struggling to create a delicious dish, don’t despair. Sometimes, it’s not your fault. Believe it or not, there are plenty of reasons other than you that could be ruining your evening meal. Consider whether some of the following factors influence your final product.

1. You Have A Faulty Oven

Older appliances lack the energy efficiency and accuracy of modern ones. Ovens, particularly, can become finicky in their older age, making it harder for food to cook evenly and well. So, are you baking chicken, and it comes out dry? Do you find your cookies browning despite you watching the clock? It’s possible the temperature isn’t reliable on the unit.

Look for experts in oven installation Washington DC to help you select a device that delivers quality temperature control. Then, try out the recipe again and see the difference.

2. Your Ingredients Are Stale

You’ve probably opened a box of crackers, taken a bite and spit it right back out. Why? Stale crackers have an odd texture, and their flavor turns. Did you try to eat a piece of fruit that has started to turn? The sweetness dissipates and leaves you with something mushy and lackluster. This shift can happen to any of your ingredients. Flour goes bad. Baking sodas and powders lose their efficacy.

Learn to store your ingredients in the best ways, invest in proper storage containers and change them around expiration dates. These changes could give your dishes the boost your desire.

3. The Recipes Don’t Match Your Needs

Are you sticking with similar recipes? Perhaps you have a book that you want to work for you, but it’s not. Consider whether the recipe source is reliable and trustworthy. Turn to reliable sources online or in stores, authors, and companies with solid reputations and reviews.

Check out a few other factors before you blame yourself for failing in the kitchen. The appliance, the ingredients and the recipe make a big difference in the result.