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3 Big-Time HVAC Unit Maintenance Procedures Anybody Can Do

The vast majority of modern homes in the United States have central heating and cooling systems, which consist of a large HVAC unit outside of the home that heats and cools the air and hundreds of feet of ductwork spread throughout the home that carries air where it needs to go. These central air systems are widely preferred by homeowners to their wall-mounted, one-off counterparts. However, central heat and air systems are expensive. To prolong external HVAC units’ lives, regular maintenance duties like those below must be carried out.

HVAC Units Need to Stay Far, Far Away From Debris

External HVAC units perform optimally when no solid objects are around. Achieving such an environment in the outdoors is impossible, however. The closest homeowners can get to not exposing their HVAC units to solids is by clearing at least a five-foot radius around them. Further, grass and leaves should be removed from the surface of HVAC units. These duties need to be carried out on a daily to weekly basis.

Air Filters Must Regularly Be Replaced

Without air filters, central heating and cooling systems would get clogged with dirt, dust, and debris in no time. This would result in near-immediate system failure. As such, air filters are one of the most integral parts of the modern central heating and air system. They should be replaced at least twice a year, though once every three months is optimal.

Space Around the Drain Line Should Always Exist

Every HVAC unit has a drain line. In most cases, it’s made of PVC pipe. You should make sure it’s not clogged every month. Feel free to use compressed air to clean out the surface and interior of HVAC units’ drain lines. Remove all dirt, plants, and other solids that could interfere with the external HVAC units’ drain lines to prevent system malfunction and even permanent damage to those units.

These three duties are just the tip of the iceberg as far as HVAC maintenance is concerned. Homeowners who aren’t comfortable with these duties or others can always seek help from companies in the field of heating and cooling harris county tx.